Sissy Spanking!
                       TJ Ryder
   Terence P. hated being sent to the new boarding
school his mother recommended and within the first
few weeks he began to realize how very different it was
from the military school he was expelled from.

   In the first place, he was more typical of the average
boy there, in an all boy school which made it even more

   It seemed being smallish, slim, and still teenager
 was typical for Briarcliff Academy so he at least didn't
feel that out of place like he was at the Fortress,
that muscled up, no neck, anal retentive marine recruiting
barracks they called a boys military school.

  He even had a house mother for his dorm section
but he still had to share a room. Although Dorian
wasn't too bad a kid. Blonde hair, green eyes, slim
and small like himself.  But the really odd thing was
how the whole staff at the school were female, including
the proctors, and he was given the reason at a
kind of welcoming and warning ceremony to the new class.

   The HeadMistress, Mrs Livia Cullerton, a statuesque
blonde around 45, introduced the staff to the small
freshmen class, and talked briefly but to the point
about their goals here.

  "First, boys, can you all hear me fine, because this
is important and you must listen carefully!
 First, all new boys are given roommates who have been
here last year to help them adjust!

 Second, your mothers have instructed us and given us
permission to correct the behavior problems that no doubt
have led to your being sent here! And we are all firm
believers in corporal punishment!  If you act like
a child you will be treated like a child!

  Third, we have strict dress requirements and
room inspections.

  And fourth, in other schools young men are allowed
to choose their own social venues which we have decided
for bad boys leads inevitably to counter productive
behavior.  At Briarcliff we guide your social venues
to productive behavior!"

  Terry wondered what exactly she mean't by that!

  But the first assigned reading material, so much of it seems
centered on mothers and spanking!  And his English teacher
said she wanted the boys to know how their mothers were
feeling, and how they should feel, because if he understood
how his behavior affected others he would begin to act
properly. That of course he doubted, but his mom
was very firm about not failing this school.

  He was reading one assignment that
he guessed was from some group
of likeminded mothers and had to sit down on his bunk
to shield his growing boner in his ridiculous uniform

****************************************************** **

'I have my 17 year old son wearing panties almost every day.
 If he doesn't wear them to school, he changes into them as
 soon as he returns home. The panties are a way to keep
compete control over him. If he is gong to be spanked,
 I have him wear a pair of thong panties so he will
not leak onto my stockings when he is over my knee.
 I had to stop taking his panties down for his spankings
 last year after he left a mess on my stockings.
 I don't have to take him over my knee to spank him,
but it makes him feel like a little boy. Prior to his
spanking I make him stand in the corner of my bedroom for
 about an hour wearing just his thong panties. I spank hard
and long and I make sure my son does what he is told.'


Thank you for the ideas concerning my son. Now that school is
out I have him in panties every day, all day. The girl thongs
 I have had him wearing for a spanking have not really been
 doing the job. Last night he left a real mess on my
stockings and possibly ruined them. He just cannot control himself.

I stopped by the mall on the way home from work today and
 visited Fredericks. They had some men's pouches that are basically
a thong back with a pouch front. I bought a few pairs of
different styles and one has a really small pouch in shiny gold
 with just a string for the the waist and back. I figured
that would give me good access to his backside and still leave
 him covered. I just hope he doesn't flood the pouch.
I am going to try them out tonight because he is getting
spanked tonight for the mess on my stockings.
I will let you know how it goes.

If I have him milk himself, do you suggest the milking take
place with me present or should I leave him alone?

Author: Nancy in Seattle
Subject: Re: Son in panties
In reply to: Carla 's message

For the dribbling problem on your stockings, I can suggest
 that you also first teach him and then have him begin to
rinse out your stockings for you after each spanking.
Or prior to his spanking, you can have him ungarter,
roll down and rinse out and hang dry your stockings for you.
Even more influential on him to make him behave would be if
you had a few other women present during his spankings and
also asked them if they would like to have their stockings
rinsed out in some sweet smelling suds.
Then you can have him kneel before each woman
while dressed in his pretty panties
and have him ungarter, remove and then rinse and hang dry
their nylons. Of course he is bound to get an unsightly
erection in his panties at this stage, in which case you may
decide to either slap it down as nurses do,
or you may choose to have him milk himself
(and then clean up his mess)in front
of you and/or any women to contribute additionally to their
amusement. You may even want to keep handy some old stockings
for him to use to catch his unsightly dribbles--and for him
 to rinse away after the spanking. Rinsing of stockings and
hand washing of lingerie is a very good teaching lesson for
recalcitrant males of any age. And you may as well just get
him accustomed to your nancy-boy being on his knees in his
panties before women because there may be a good chance that
some day he will be on his knees in his panties before some men, too.

Panties are a very good method of taming a recalcitrant male
 and especially a young male. For one, they will compel him
to keep his pants on and thus keep him out of a lot
of trouble. The frillier and more lacy, the better,
too--and in pastels--and in full brief style so he also has to keep
his shirt tucked in to continually hide any give-away panty
elastic, which the girls will immediately detect.

You might also have him wear a garter belt or open bottom
girdle with stockings at home--for his waist trimming posture
development as well as teaching him proper comportment.
 Of course, you would have him shave his legs and polish
his toe nails to add to the effect and to rid
unsightly leg hair. Nothing is more monstrous
and unfeminine than hairy legs covered
in stockings. It would ruin the effect.

If he responds favorably to the panties, garter tabs and
stockings, you may have him wear his garter-panties in public
under his pants. Of course, all the girls and women would almost
surely detect his little garter tab bumps on his pant legs,
but the derision and resultant giggling would be
good for him in order to neutralize any latent male aggressiveness.

Perhaps next at home would be the addition of a pretty lace
hemmed slip and dress for him to also wear while doing his
housework. This would make his receiving of spankings even more
 intense when he has to sense his skirt and slip being raised
like a girl's and his panties pulled down--and afterwards when
 he has to go thru the ritual of straightening
everything out, re-attaching errant
garters and fluffing out his skirts before
continuing with chores. And the shame and mortification he would
endure when having someone see his petticoat lace would compel
him to also sit properly and tend to his skirts in a dignified

What he stands to gain from all this is a developed respect
for women and the contributions they make to society, and
improvement in his attitude, posture, comportment and his
learning of valuable domestic wiles and skills that will
assist him for the rest of his life in any role that he
should choose.

****************************************************** **********

   Terry groaned and had to cross his legs at this,
just as Dorian came in
and grinned at his blushing.

   "Go ahead and beat off. I had to last year when I read that for
the first time!"

   "I can't believe this stuff!"

   "I know, I couldn't either, but you will!"

   He sighed, watched Dorian drop his book bag on his little

   "Why'd you get sent here, Dorian?"

   "Screwing up! Mother didn't like my friends, my grades, my
attitude, and especially, my girlfriends!"

   He laughed, "I guess she didn't like much!"

   "Nope!" He smiled, dropping on his bed and pulling out a
forbidden comic book from his book bag, "but now what she
doesn't know doesn't bother her!"

   "So youv'e learned how to play the game then! You tell these
women what they want and then they leave us alone!"

   Dorian half smiled and gave a small shrug. "Kind of!"

   "Come on, Dorian, youv'e been here, so clue me in!"

   "Sigh!  Okay, first, I wasn't kidding about beating off
while you can, this is your last chance before the program
starts for you newbies!"


   "Second, get a good feminine razor or have your mom
send you a kit to help you with grooming, that'll get you
in trouble first!"

   "What's the matter with the way I look?"

   "Third, don't ever cheat with your girlfriends here!"

   "What girlfriends?  It's an all boy school!"

   "Fourth, they don't stop until they know your'e

   "Stop what?"

   "Good," he smiled, picking up his comic book again
"Now that's over, I'm glad your'e catching on quick!"

   "I think your'e a little nuts from being here!"

   Dorian said nothing but nodded and smiled.  There
wasn't much to understand from what he said and further
questions got frivolous responses, but when it was time
to get to sleep, and Dorian casually dropped his pants
and he saw his pink bikini lace panties his jaw dropped
and he remembered that reading assignment!


   Two months later he began to understand some of what
Dorian told him. A couple of things anyway. He didn't quite
understand about the beating off part, because he could still
beat off if he wanted to, although he didn't kind of
understand the part about their not stopping until they
know he's learning.

   That part he realized when for his third infraction
of room inspection and grooming he was laying over
the house mother's lap and her bare strong thighs.
Lydia Hamilton and her 'niece' or whatever shared a
double room at the far end of the hallway, and his second
night at the dorm he heard the 'spanking symphony'
from behind their door.

   "Does that sound like somebody crying and being
whacked to you?" He asked Dorian who was trying to
read a trashy novel he smuggled in.  He just

   "It ought to!  Dumb Davey got pinched for pubic hairs

   "Pubic hairs! How did they know?"

   "Perhaps showing his pecker to the wrong person!  Mmm,
did I mention a good feminine razor already?"

   "Theyr'e spanking him?"

   "Still the quick learner are we?"

   "He's crying in there?"

   "If he didn't break they would just continue! I believe
I mentioned that one too!"

   His jaw firm, Terry frowned, "I wouldn't give them
the satisfaction myself!"  Dorian just smiled.

   He had caught his first glimpse of Lydia and her niece
Tiffanny the previous day when they were coming out
of the only ladies room on the floor, near their end of
hallway. and Tiffanny was a real cute but spoiled
and pompous blonde, wearing just a short tiny
robe.  How strange, he thought, to be the only females
on a whole floor of young males, and then to be
the authority figures, even allowed to perform
corporal punishment. He met her that first week
and that confirmed his suspicions of her arrogance.

   She smiled with the hidden twinkle in her eyes
as he introduced himself.

   "Oh, I know, a newbie.  But welcome to Briarcliff!"

   "Thank you," normally he would make a move at this
cute number with her big breasts showing cleavage.

   "Um, so you live here," pretending ignorance!

   'Sure, aunt Lydia lets me stay with her but I
don't go to school here. I got to public shool
over in Manchester!"   That's when he knew she was
a year or two younger than he was.

   "So, and Lydia is our house mother?"

   "Yes,' and she smiled, "I think you boys are supposed
to address her as Miss Lydia or ma'am, by the way!"

   "Great, thanks for clueing me in! But, then what
do I call you?"

   "Well, like this, you can call me Tiffanny, but
if you get sent to our, Lydia's room, well then you'd better
be calling me Miss Tiffanny or ma'am or well, maybe
even mistress!"  She laughed at his confusion.

   "To be safe, I tell all newbies to call every
female 'mistress' or 'ma'am' all the time until they
figure it out!"

   "Does sound complicated!"

   "But you boys learn, one way or the other," she
added with a little smug smile.

   Okayyyy, he thought, she's a little wierd but so
gorgeous.  "So, is this your first year too?"

   "Nope, I was here last year also, most of it,
and I missed this place so much last summer I couldn't
wait till I came back!"

   "I guess I'm not that attached to it," he said

   "Oh, most boys adjust like I said!"

   "Um, yes, one way or the other!"

   She giggled, "precisely!"

   'Um, so you, well, I heard, that you help your
aunt,(another gorgeous voluptuous woman he kept
noticing but hadn't run into problems with yet) with
the, um, running of the dorm?"

   'Well, not really, I have school functions and
things of my own to do. But yes, Lydia lets me assist
her with the discipline and sometimes room inspection!"
She lowered her voice conspiratorially and looked around.

   "I tell all newbies that my aunt is a fanatic
over neatness in the rooms.  And any food or stuff
left in wastebaskets, ooh my, that's super bad!"

   "Thanks for telling me!"  Wastebaskets emptied
every day and no candy wrappers left around, he noted
to himself.

   "But all newbies get in trouble anyway sooner or
later so I know I'll be seeing you there!  But even
second year students periodically!"

   "And, like, well, you don't mind that? Performing

   "Oh no, not at all. I love doing it as much as aunt
Lydia does as long as we think a boy is progressing,
and sooner or later you all do!" she added that last
with a touch of arrogance and hint of threat.

   He watched her shapely swaying bottom as she strutted
off, and she turned and grinned as she caught him staring
and he blushed.


   'What's this, Dorian, this Meet Your Mommy cotillion?"

   "It's kind of a dance, stylized, tea and crumpets
following! The Student Council organizes it every year
with the school's blessing! It's rather juvenile but
obligatory!  They do it in several formats a year."

   "I know what a cotillion is, they had it at military
school!  The title of it I mean!"

   "'Meet Your Mommy?'" They do that every fall for
freshmen and returning classes!"

   "I'm going to meet my mommy?"

   "I wouldn't be surprised actually. Many boys'
mothers show up every year!  In fact they help organize
it!" That surprised him!

   "Look, what I'm trying to say is, why do I want
to meet someone's mother?"

   "Well, not all of them are mothers of current students
here. But all are preselected and screened and best of all

   "But theyr'e all mothers!"

   "Well of course!"

   "Um, and theyr'e older?"

   "Quite likely!"

   "Um," he paused, not getting it and hating the way
Dorian always pretends he doesn't know what your'e driving
at, "and we are meeting them, why?"

   "I assume you read the policy on accepted social venues
when at Briarcliff!"
   "Wait, this is the social venue? These women!"

   "It is a closed campus you know. Not everyone gets
a pass to get in or out and Briarcliff wants to make sure
their boys aren't socializing with the 'counter productives'!"

   "Jees," Terri sat heavily down on his bunk, staring at
the cotillion notice in the school paper!  "What do I do?"

   'It's very simple! You go to the dance, be polite and
if your'e smart you pick the right mother the first time!
Of course that would be dumb luck, especially in your

   "Your'e so helpful!"

   "I'm actually trying to be.  My first choice last
year was positively catastrophic!  Suggestion, don't
make the decision based solely on breast measurement!
But like I said, there are constant rounds of cotillions!"

   "A girlfriend who's a mother!  I have trouble with
that one.  And how old are these women?"

   "Oh,  the median is late thirties I think.  But
I must admit the standards are very similar to Briarcliff's
for appearance.  They are all quite attractive!"

   "Mmm" he said, looking at a photo of last year's dance
and seeing a very attractive woman around 40 dancing
with a teenage boy.  "I see what your'e saying.
I know that Briarcliff chooses boys that are, like kind

   "'Femme!'" is the phrase your'e searching for!"

   "Well, I wouldn't have said that, just not big and bullish!"


   "And they apply the same standards to the ladies
invited to these dances!"

   "Only in appearance, not attitude!  These Ladies
are all quite dominant I assure you!"

   He gasped at that. 

   "Wait till you attend the New Years Cotillion.
Dommy Mommies and Sissyboys! I just can't imagine what
this year's costume will be for us!"

   "Ohhhhh!" Terry laid back on his bunk with the
school paper over his face.

Continued in upcoming story to


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